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March 15th, 2024

Book launch!

Help make this 2024 book launch successful...

Many books fail because of a weak book launch that leads to a book’s trickling sales for years because it remains unseen in searches due to the Amazon bookstore algorithm.


A strong book launch builds a foundation of book reviews and sales that eventually leads to shoppers seeing the book when searching a specific topic.

If a shopper searches for "books about healing from ptsd" or "how to heal from childhood trauma", then I would love for this book to show up in the search results!!!

The formula for a successful
book launch =

Book reviews
Book sales

Goal: Write your book review before May 5, 2024

Goal = 50 reviews in the first 50 days of sales!

Book reviews are the lifeblood of the self-published author.

Reviews, reviews, reviews... honest, detailed, timely, preferably 'verified purchase' reviews!

The book reviewer's

  1. If you are short on funding, please feel free to send an email to to receive your FREE pre-launch copy of This Is How We Heal from Painful Childhoods so that you can read it before writing your review!

  2. GOLD STANDARD 'Verified Purchase' REVIEWS boost the book the most! These are reviews written after purchasing a copy. It's simple...

    1. Buy a copy of the book.

    2. Write your honest review!

    3. *Note* = All reviews are a big deal! If you got a free version and do not purchase a copy, no problem! Please still post your review.

  3. Where to post?

    1. Please go to the Amazon bookstore here, and click "Write a customer review".

    2. Please also go to, and do the same! This website is huge for book nerds and gets the word out even more than on Amazon.

    3. Finally, please click Barnes & Noble website here to post your review.

Verified Purchase

Verified purchase reviews for Ernest Ellender PhD's book about c-ptsd therapy

Last (but not least), a sincere
from the author...

This book launch has pushed me into uncomfortable territory... I have never been good at asking for favors, but here I am shamelessly and directly asking for your support!


I do so gladly for this endeavor because I hope and believe this book will help many human beings along their healing journeys. I also wish to continue down the path of authoring more of such content, and your investment of time and funding will help me down this new path!

         — Ernest "Waffle" Ellender, PhD

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