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My first guest appearance (yayy!)... on The Simply Fit Podcast

I was on a podcast for the first time!! A few thoughts I'd like to share...

Firstly, I never wanted to be in the spotlight at all! I've always preferred to be 'the guy behind the scene' who contributes to the teamwork and expertise required to creatively build and make worthy pursuits successful. Shortly into my new business venture of becoming an author, my editor and several marketing experts all agreed on the same concept:

In order to make a book successful, an author has to be an integral and upfront part of the marketing process.

Where I wanted audiences to benefit strictly from the concepts in my book (as in, "I'm not important, but these healing guidelines are very important"), the experts clarified that audiences need to TRUST and BELIEVE IN the author before becoming open to the book's messages.

And thus started my personally challenging path of learning to be okay with being so vulnerable as I become more comfortable and practiced at being in the spotlight. NOT FUN... but necessary and beneficial overall. So, I now share this with you all as I seek to improve my marketing and interviewing skills.

You can watch and listen here on Youtube (also available on podcast platforms). Please watch (at least some of) this and 'like' the video to up the statistics! Youtube has video in addition to the audio:

This is the link to the official website of The Simply Fit Podcast that links to various audio-only podcast platforms:

Stay tuned as I practice my podcast interviewing skills as we all push agenda of speaking more openly about child abuse, childhood neglect, trauma, and dysfunctional family dynamics. Rule #13, "Secrets destroy!" in This Is How We Heal from Painful Childhoods discusses the damaging and isolating impact of giving into toxic shame by refusing to talk about the 'taboo' topics of child abuse, incest, addictions, and other intergenerational issues.

Let's heal together by broaching the subject and speaking more freely about how we can support one another on our paths to thriving in our human experience!

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